Homosexuals Should Not Have ‘Equality’

I think it’s fair to say that same-sex unions do not qualify to own the title, ‘marriage,’ because the word has been reserved and defined for centuries, legally, socially, religiously and civilly as a union between a man and a women.

Homosexuals now want more than just the financial benefits. They want to own the word, ‘marriage’ this time around. I don’t think it’s about benefits at all. I think it has always been about polluting the word, ‘marriage’ to destroy the institution and culture of marriage, the blessings and values of which are the basis of the social mores of all nations.

Another reason I can think of is that the same-sex couples want to own the word, ‘marriage,’ is because they may falsely assume that it will sanctify their sexual practices and erase the guilt associated with it.

If same-sex civil unions are worth their salt and have any merit, let them establish their own culture instead of destroying another’s and stealing their label. A lemon will always be a lemon regardless of how long it is soaked in peach juice

Heterosexuals produce children, which become the next generation and save the human race from extinction. Two homosexuals do not have the ability to produce children and are not entitled to the benefits of those who can. Why should it be thought a strange thing that those who choose to find their sexual pleasure with a same sex partner, do not get the benefits of those who choose a heterosexual relationship?

In a nutshell Homosexuals do not deserve equal rights in marriage, because they are not equal to heterosexuals or what heterosexuals bring to the world.